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Jahangir bey Novruzov


Jahangir bey Yusuf oglu Novruzov - (1894-1958)

He was born in the family of military serviceman. Being the commander of the cavalry regiment in April 1920, the captain Jahangir bey Novruzov had decisive battles against the Russian occupational army, and due to the severity of the situation he had to left country to Iran. After staying there a while soon he passed to Erzurum with cavalcade and joined Qarabekir Kazim Pasha’s army. In 1921 he demonstrated   heroism in the Berna battlefield near Banliahmed against the Dashnaks and destroyed enemy planes with correct fires. Just for heroism in these battles he gained the respect of Turkish commandment and Turkish pashas.
For bravery in battles the Turkish command called him a pseudonym as Berker - that is, solid man, brave, warlike man. Later, after having successful battles for Sheikh Said and Agry major Jahangir bey Novruzov in 1928 entered the military school to improve his education. 
After successfully graduating the Artillery school in 1929 the rank of Colonel is awarded to Jahangir bey. While being the artillery commander in Kutahya he was promoted to the rank of major-general on August 30, 1948 for achievements gained in the military field. Working as rear of the commander and fortified Izmir region Jahangir bey Novruzov retired in 1953 due to age. He lived in Boronova till the end of life at the simple home built by him. He died on June 17, 1958 of heart disease.

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