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Javad bey Shikhlinski


Javad bey Shikhlinski (1875-1959), Major General
Jawad\'s uncle, Ali Agha bey Shikhlinski had sent him to Tbilisi to study at cadet corps. Later he studied in   Mikhaiylov gunnery school in St. Petersburg and at the rank of captain in 1912 he was appointed as commander of 39th artillery brigade, 1st platoon. Fought in the First World War in Tartar regiment and was awarded with Saint George and St. Vladimir orders.
During Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) he had exclusive services in the organization of the National Army. In 1918, he was appointed as commander of 1st division of the newly formed National Army and under his command the regular army had cleansed Armenians in 1919 from Zangezur. The 1st infantry division led by general deployed in Ganja at the end of 1919, and consisted of 3 regiments and 3 battalions.
In May 1920, Javad bey headed the rebellion in Ganja against occupational XI Red Army and Soviet power. He refused to obey the orders of the Naval Commissioner Chingiz Yıldırım and head of temporary headquarter of Azerbaijani Bolshevik army general Abdulhamid Qaytabashi during the military operations and continued Ganja rebellion. Javad Bey immigrated to Iran via Tbilisi after suppressing of rebellion, and in 1931 he was the garrison commander in Ardabil, in Iran. Later he moved to Turkey and lived there till the end of life and died at age of 84 in Turkey in 1959.

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