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Jafar Gavian (Mammadzade)


Jafar Gavian (Mammadzade) (1895-1975)

Major-General  Jafar Mammadzade was  Defense Minister of the National government of South Azerbaijan. As from the early youth years he joined the secret revolutionary movement he acted under two names. In youth years his secret name was Mashadi, and when he became the vizier  of national troops of  South Azerbaijan\'s national government  general Jafar was known as Gavian. In late 1930, he was arrested by agents for revolutionary activity. After Soviet army entered Iran, he was released from exile in 1941. In December 1945 the founder of Azerbaijan Democratic Party Seyed Jafar Pishavari was appointed  by nation as  Prime Minister  as a result of armed revolt in the South. Jafar Gavian having extraordinary skills and military experience has been rewarded with the rank of major-general and was appointed defense minister by the decision of the National government of Azerbaijan.

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