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Jamshid Nakhchivanski


Jamshid Jafarqulu oglu Nakhchivanski (1895-1938) - general, commander of a brigade

He graduated from the Guards school of Yelizavetqrad (Western Ukraine) (1915). He was a  commander of a Muslim cavalry squadron at the First World War was, participated  in breakage of Brusilov Front, was awarded with 4th degree Saint Georgy Order. J. Nakhchıvanski having been wounded thrice at Austro-Romanian front he was awarded with silver weapon as a brave cavalry officer, was rewarded with 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade Anna, 2nd, 3rd degree Stanislav orders.
After destruction of South-West Front staff-captain J.Nakhchıvanski returned together with cavalry to Azerbaijan and on September 15, 1918 together with Turkish troops and Azerbaijani Separate Corps cleaned e Baku from enemies. J.Nakhcıvanski fought confidently for the independence of Azerbaijan.
J.Nakhchıvanski for a short time studied in 1923 and 1928 Military Academy named after Frunze in Moscow and was the commander of the division after returned home again.
J. Nakhchivanski was sentenced to death on August 26, 1938 by decision of the Military Collegial Board of the Supreme Court of the USSR, and the sentence was immediately executed.
Jamshid Nakhchivanski was fully rehabilitated in 1956. The streets of the capital city of Baku and one of the military lyceum were named after Jamshid Nakhchıvanski, and the memorial museum functions in his native land Nakhichevan.

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