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Ali agha Shikhlinski (1865-1943) – General of artillery
Ali agha Shikhlinski served in the army since 1883, graduated from the St. Petersburg School of Artillery (1886). During Russian-Japanese War (1904-05) he was the commander of the battery, and for the courage in defense of Port-Artur he awarded the gold sword. After the war he worked in school for training of artillery officers, and got the colonel rank in 1908, and was promoted to major-general in 1912. In 1906-13 years he worked as deputy chief of Carskoe Soldati Artillery School, 1913 and worked as the acting chief of during 1913-14 years.
General of artillery Ali agha Shikhlinski was the author of military-related scientific publications and textbooks on artillery. His valuable books like The instructions for organization of the maneuvers in Artillery Division, The collection of the sayings and examples for field and mountain artillery (was  published 3 times between the years 1913-16), Using of  Desert guns in front (1910) and The  summary of lectures by Colonel Shikhlinski in the School of Artillery officers have been published in the cities of Petersburg and Luga.
The Shikhlinski formula, Shikhlinski triangle highly valued not just by the military experts  of Russia  but at  early of century in France, Austria, Norway, Switzerland and other countries were included in the artillery school textbooks designed for artillery officers. In Shikhlinski triangle for the first time in history of the artillery to technique to open fire on the invisible target has been developed and some valuable innovations were made.  
In 1918 -20 A. Shikhlinski demonstrated exceptional service in formation of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), and establishment of Special Azerbaijan Corps in October of 1918 in Ganja was entrusted to him. In addition, on May 28, 1918 draft of the army of the new state and the Ministry of War  was prepared by commander General ali Agha Shikhlinski. In December 29 he was appointed as deputy minister of war and retired in 1929.
Lieutenant-General Ali agha Shikhlinski had an important role in the development of Russian military art and military building of Azerbaijan and science development.

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