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Habib bey Salimov


Habib bey Haji Yusif oglu Salimov (1881-1920) - Major-General
Habib bey Salimov  was  rewarded with the rank of major-general by order of Defense Minister of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Army, the artillery general Samad bey Mehmandarov, dated February 26, 1919, and he is a hero of Askeran war in March 1920.
In July 1919, with the command of a brigade general, Habib bey Salimov in Mugan and Lankaran Russian Molokan-Armenian armed forces, which did not want to recognize the national government  of Azerbaijan, have been destroyed. He handed over one plane, twenty-four guns  and sixty machine-guns captured from enemy to Azerbaijani Army. Returning Mugan and Lankaran to the native land Habib bey was appointed governor for a short time here.
H.Selimov had big historical services in the formation of a national army of Azerbaijan. As early as in August 1918, when Azerbaijan corps began to formation by order of the commander of the Caucasian Islamic Army Corps Nuri Pasha he was appointed as corps headquarters for experience and knowledge in the military field. 
In 1920, Habib bey Haji  Yusif oglu Salimov was shot by the Bolsheviks.

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