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Ibrahim bey Aslanbeyov


Ibrahim bey Allahverdi oglu Aslanbeyov (1822-1900) - Vice-Admiral

Ibrahim bey Aslanbeyov got up in the school of marine of Petersburg for three years, and in 1837 graduated from it with writing his name on Red board. Serving on Alexander Nevski and Prozerqin military frigates in Baltic Sea, warrant took part in military trainings held in high-speed military vessel   The Emperor Peter I near Daqerord for two years.
On 22nd September of 1887 for his unprecedented contribution to the naval he was given him the rank of vice-admiral. After this high rank he was appointed as Baltic Fleet flag officer.
More than fifty years of his life Admiral Ibrahim bey Aslanbeyov spent in military service in the Navy and he was awarded with the highest orders of Russia and foreign countries.
In 1881 participating at coronation ceremony of the emperor Alexander III as a gift Admiral Aslanbeyov was given sword and cash prize as of the annual salary.
Some of the major sources of the information reads as follows:
-  Aslanbeyov Peninsula, in  Okhot Sea, Sakhalin Island, was discovered in 1882 by the crew and the was named  by the name of Pacific commander, squadron  counter admiral  Ibrahim bey Allahverdi bey oglu Aslanbeyov . Surnames on the map were written with mistakes
- Gulf of Aslanbeyov. Okhot Sea, Sakhalin Island, was discovered in 1882 and was written on map as crew, kliper Plastun. At the same time it was named with the surname of Aslanbeyov.

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