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Sadiq bey Agabeyzade


Sadiq bey Agabeyzade (1865-1944) - Major-General

Sadiq bey Agabeyzade had finished a real school in Baku in 1883. After graduating from school he was admitted in II Konstantinov military school in Petersburg. In 1896 he passed the exams successfully, and entered Institute of Oriental languages under the auspices of the General staff in Saint-Petersburg. After graduating from that institute he was sent to Turkistan province in 1899 for military service. In 1913, Sadiq bey retired due to illness at the rank of Major General. 
In October 23, 1918, by decision of the government of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan Sadiq bey was appointed as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. In this position he worked until December 1919. Sadiq bey Agabeyzade had developed the classification system of the police officers’ ranks.
After the collapse of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Sadiq bey migrated with family to Turkey and lived in Istanbul with relatives. Then he moved to Paris and two years has taught Persian and Turkish languages in Sorbonne.  Sadiq bey Agabeyzade died in Lvov.

Oxunub: 193108