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Center for Intellectual Traffic Management of Baku



The main purpose of the establishment of Center for Intellectual Traffic Management is to improve the transportation system in Baku, improving the quality of transport services, regulation of public transport traffic and optimization of traffic routes. Moreover the system provides a single payment cards for use in public transport. This system is available in eight countries of the world but it covers only one or two cities of those countries.
The implementation of the new system in Baku (the execution of the project is done by South Korean SK C & C company ) has begun in 2008.
Television and radio studio that enables live transmission of all information to television and radio channels was set up at Management Center thus, it is possible to watch the live activities of the center in conference and training rooms. The world\'s largest monitor with area of 120 square meters with 600 digital visions was installed in the center. Through monitor traffic conditions at 150 traffic intersections, as well as information on the management of 2 thousand buses can be obtained by means of the 192 cameras. In addition, monitoring of 600 images recorded in the camera by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be conducted in this center.
The first stage of Intellectual Transport Systems, which consist of three stages, covers the main street and avenues of Baku. This process will cover in the second phase 2 thousand 200 sq km. of area of the Greater Baku and Absheron, and at the third phase it will cover the transport infrastructure in all regions of the republic.
In the first phase the installation of equipment of Intellectual transportation system was completed and the center was opened in December 20, 2011.

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