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Automobile transport


The history of automobile transport in Azerbaijan begins from early XX century. In 1911, there were only 36 automobiles in Azerbaijan. The length of roads with solid surface was only 210 km.
A specialized automobile park was founded for technological and special purposes in oil industry in 1920-1930s.
In 1926, there were 896 automobiles in the Republic, 275 of them were cars, 518 lorries, and 103 were specialized automobiles. More than 400 of the lorries belonged to “Azneft”.
The growth of automobile park allowed to lengthen highways. The total length of highways in that period was equal to 6500 km, and roads of Union and Republic importance were equal to 2300 km.
To form quick automobile economy was one of the important measures for meeting transport demands of the rapidly developing Republic in industry, agriculture, security and other fields.
With this purpose “Uniontrans” automobile enterprise of common use was established in 1935-1936. At this office, automobile groups were used for passenger and freight transportation.
In 1939 Auto Transport People’s Commissariat (with 600-800 automobiles), and in March, 1946 Ministry of Automobile Transport were founded.
Ministry of Automobile Transport reached the highest point in the 1987-1990s and included 140 ANM 9 industrial, 11 construction enterprises.
“Azerauto Transport” State Concern was establish in February, 1992. The composition of the automobile transport means park included 16000 lorries, 7600 cars (taxis), and 5800 buses.
By the June 10, 2003 Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “Azerauto Transport” state Concern and “AzerAutoRoad” State Company were abolished, and with the June 24, 2003 №04 order of the Ministry of Transport of Azerbaijan Republic, “AutoTransportServis” and “Road Transport Service”. Departments were established within the Ministry.
“Auto Transport Service” currently includes several enterprises and organizations (Technical Examination Center; Baku International and Intercity Autostation, etc). Baku International and Intercity Autostation is of great importance among them.

Baku International and Intercity Autostation 
As an enterprise of public importance, Baku International and Intercity Autostation gives passenger transportation services to the urban and district population realizes the regulatio of bus route network in the passenger transportation, etc. Up to 4000 different buses serve to passenger every day in Baku city 500-550 buses set off for the regions of Republic on various rates and this means the transportation of up to 350000 passengers. The Autostation has 245 workers on staff schedule. 

RoadTransportService Department

Main line of work of “RoadTransportService” Department is currently to provide repair and maintenance in the automobile roads of the regions, to create and look after greenery protection zone of automobile roads, to conduct maintenance, re-construction, projecting and construction of railway and railway facilities, to manufacture building materials and constructions, also to deal with the purchase and sale of these materials to conduct and repair of railways stations, depots, bridge and stops, various automobile road facilities, terminals, social life objects, to prepare prognosis over the road-transport complex and monitors the quality of repairs in the automobile roads.
3578 km automobile roads of Republic importance and 5929 km roads of local importance are intended to be re-constructed and capitally repaired in 2006-2015. Road passages (bridges) and 13 pedestrian passages are intended to be built in various road junctions in Baku in 2006-2007 in order to eliminate traffic jams and to increase the level of transport service.

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