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About television spectacles



The television spectacles in Azerbaijan differ with special place in the cinema art. Though the history of TV spectacles begins from middle of the last century but it consists of a separate stage in the television art. 
The first television spectacle had been shown based on a few episodes directed by producer Rauf Kazımovski in July of the 1956 from the play Shamdan bey of N.Narimanov. Further spectacles prepare don basis of novels of Maharram Aliyev’s You are beautiful, Suleyman Sani Akhundov’s Falcon nestle and Mehdi Huseyn’s Morning” were demonstrated.
Since mid of producers like Adil Isgandarov, Maharram Hashımov, Rauf Kazımovski, Ahgali Dadashov, Arif Babayev etc had prepared valuable spectacles and contributed to the development of the  TV spectacles of the television theatre with creating heavy spectacles in the screen. But Arif Babayev called as “Paganini of the television art by a number of experts is considered as the first producer preparing spectacle in the television style. He has lid the foundation of this style by “Snow TV spectacle prepared based on novel of Konstantin Paustovski.
During 70-80-es producers like Bunyad Mammadov, Ramiz Hasanoglu (Mirzayev) Tariyel Veliyev and others had drawn the attention with activities in Azerbaijan TV. Ramiz Hasanoglu has carried out nature filming (spectacle of Evleri kondelen yar(Sweetheart with transverse home) at television spectacles for the first time. 
 Sabah unity of creative work has been created for the purposes of developing of television theatre in 1993. Sabah has prepared firstly television spectacle on the basis of motives of the Kamancha play of Jalil Mammadguluzade.
Let us note that some of the spectacles prepared from 1956 to 197 were not saved in general at the archives of the television, or saved in the fragments. Although it was impossible to place those spectacles in the video base of the site, but we have placed the numerous TV spectacles that we got from different sources, in AZETUBE video server. We bring the same spectacles to your attention.

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