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Azerbaijanfilm Film Studio
Nariman Narimanov had signed a decree on the nationalization of the Department of Cinematography in 1920, and the People\'s Commissariat of the photo-film department of culture (the Art Department of Education Commissioner) had been established. In 1923 this entity was replaced by I State cinema factory (Department of Photo-Cinema of Azerbaijan).
The structure of the film was named differently in the following years: 1926-1930- Azdovletkino (The Photo-Film Industry and Trade Association), in the years 1930 -1931 as Azerkino, in the years 1934-35 as Azdovletkinosanaye (cinema factory named after X anniversary of October), 1932-1941-  Azerfilm (Department of Photo and Film Industry), 1939 -1959 - Baku cine studio.
In 1938 by order of Cinematography Committee under the People\'s Commissars of the USSR dated June 30 film studio was named as Baku studio of feature films since 1938 and was under the Committee in 1944. 
Since May 25, 1953 the film studio was given at disposal of Ministry of Culture of Azerb. SSR. Since 1958, film studio is named as Azerbaijanfilm” studio (according to order of the Ministry of Culture dated August 22, 1958).
By decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic dated April 20, 1959, the studio was named after J. Jabbarly. Since April 20, 1960 the film studio is named after playwright. The basis of the new building if film studio was laid in 1951 and it was finished after 15 years. Film production had already started in this building in 1966.
By Decree of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers of Azerb. SSR  dated September 23, 1988, with the Azerb SSR  State Cinematography Committee was abolished, and given at disposal of the Ministry of Culture. By decision of the Council of Ministers of Azerb.SSR dated September 19, 1988, all film organizations, including the film studio were included in the structure of the ministry. In early 1989, Azerkinovideo PU had been established in the structure of the Ministry of Culture. By Order of the Council of Ministers of Azerb.SSR dated May 20, 1989, decision of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan dated on May 31, 1989, film studio was included in the structure of the Azerkinovideo PU.
In 1991 Azerkinovideo Union was separated from the Ministry of Culture and functioned independently. In April of 2001 with the President\'s order Azerkinovideo PU was canceled and instead Film Works Department under the Ministry of Culture had been organized.
Since September 1, 2003, the name of the main office was renamed as Film Works Department.
At present, the film unit in Azerbaijan functions in the composition of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The Art Council (AC) has been operating in Azerbaijanfilm that approves scripts of feature films. Staff re-elected each year and approved. The submitted scenario after adoption of AC team then is submitted to the Ministry of Culture.

Birlik”  Studio
It functioned under the “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio. It had produced documentary and animated films.

Debut Studio
It functions under Azerbaijanfilm Studio. It was established in 1987. It shoots not only feature films but documentary, newsreel experiment, as well as animated films.

Mozalan Studio
It functions under Azerbaijanfilm Studio. It produces plots, documentary and feature films for Mozalan satirical film magazine. “Mozalan studio was awarded with International Award  Quality and reputation leader (2008) established by the journal Aktualidad (Spain)

Rakurs Studio
In 1988 it was created on the basis of newsreel documentary, scientific and educational films union. But it ceased function in 1991.

Salname Studio
In 1988, it was created on the basis of unity of newsreel documentary, scientific and educational films studio. It functioned under the  Azerbaijanfilm studio. It produces documentary films. Since 1993, it wsas named as studio of independent documentary films with state status.
Each year, by the state order it shoots 1 movie. Furthermore it produces plots, film trailers. The state pays 90 percent of the funds. Newsreel plots are shot for 3-minute films. Plots financed by the State of the State shall be deposited in the archives. It is also the tradition of previous fill magazines. This studio had shot more than 50 documentary films by state order and sponsored.

Yaddash - Memory Documentary Film Studio
It is the studio of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic, producing documentary films. Previously, it was the newsreel section at “Azerbaijanfilm” studio named after J. Jabbarli. Since 1993, it operates as an independent studio under “Azerbaijanfilm” studio. In 1988, it was created on the basis of newsreel documentary, scientific and educational films association.  
Yaddash Studio with the state order since 1997 shoots one documentary film per year. Yaddash mainly addresses to the genre of the portrait.

Narimanfilm was created by the 1993 by Nariman and Ilgar Mammadov brothers, and started activity as Nariman Interservice. In 2005, the company changed the name to Narimanfilm. The main activity kind is film and video production, as well as legal support and accompanied to film projects in the territory of Azerbaijan.
Narimanfilm’s main mission is professional training in the field of cinematography, production of the national documentary and fiction films, its promotion both in domestic and international markets; legal accompaniment of film projects and so development of national cinematography.
Ojag Independent Studio
It was established in 1993. It is mainly engaged in the production of feature films.

Old City Film
 Old city film film-company was founded in 2008. The company is engaged in shooting of film and clips.

Panorama Production
Panorama Production was established in 2004. So far, 3 full-length films,  and few ads and clips were shot in a studio. One of the films released by the company has been offered for sale.

Qalafilm Studio
It was established in 1992. Film Letter to my friend (1992) was shot here.

Sabah -Tomorrow, Creative Union
Sabah Creative Union of Azerbaijan TV started its operations on February 15, 1993. Union mainly prepares TV shows, movies, plays, fiction and documentary films, television, concert and show programs. 26 television performances were prepared for the first 10 years. Like an experimental entity “Sinaq” studio set under the Sabah” relays unique TV-performances parade. The spectacle of the Union Hungry guys was awarded with  Humay award

TMT Cinema company
Studio functions since 1990. Film Regards from other world (1991, Tofiq Taghizade) was shot in this studio.

Yeni dalgha - New Wave Producing Center
The center was founded in 2004. It shot films Transition (2005) and Outside Greenwich Meridian (2007).

The company had shot documentary film about Jabir Novruz Let the spirit live in nation (Mirsadıq Aghazadeh, Ilgar Najaf), films like Exit (2006), Sirat Bridge (2007), Theatric life (2008), Letters to Lenin (2009) Back to Qibla and Buta (2010)

Dervish Producing Center
The center was founded in 2005. The center works on shooting of films and other audiovisual works (advertising, video), production together with   foreign filmmakers, relations with the international film festivals and the mediation of participation of Azerbaijani films in those festivals, casting and PR - services, preparation and organization of press conferences, fund raising  in art. Center had shot Home (2007) film.

Film Producer Center
The center was founded in 2007. Studio had shot films like Artificial violets (2007) and Enchantment (2005).

It was organized in 1995. The company has so far produced 10 feature and documentary films. The script writer of all of these films, as well as the director of some of them was Amir Pahlavan. The company produced the first feature film as French . Amir Pahlavan’s Baku oil and the Nobels (1999) documentary film was the winner of the Documentary Film Festival in Nantes (France, 2001). Besides, films like Maiden Tower, Ayka, Authority, 9th Oghuz-Uyghur were shot.

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