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The tragedy of the loss of statehood



With the collapse of the Russian empire in the national corners, as well as in Azerbaijan the struggle for freedom strengthened. On May 28, 1918, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was created. The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, which independence was declared in Tbilisi, became the first democratic republic in the East.
The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan did the work equal to century for the sake of independence.
The life of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan did not last for a long (total 23 months). At the beginning of 1920, in its international and domestic situation, crisis trends in social and political life deepened further.
External and internal pressures aggravated the position of the government. Republican was in a state of war with neighboring Armenia. Soviet Russia also did not leave its imperial ambitions. They were ready every time to occupy Azerbaijan. The head of the Soviet government Lenin in his telegram addressed to N.Q.Smilqa and Q.K.Orjenikidze, members of armed revolutionary council in March 17, 1920 ordered that to capture is very important for us. Don’t spare your efforts . After the Mudros Treaty Azerbaijan was deprived of the direct assistance of a friendly Turkey.
Inter-party and intergovernmental disagreements and intrigues worsened the socio-political situation further. Moreover, the country had economic and financial difficulties, too. Acting of Bolshevik and pro-bolshevik forces against the government had a negative impact on local deepening of crisis in social and political spheres. The deepening political crisis resulted in the resignation of government cabinet of the Democratic Republic organized of N. Yusifbayli in December 1919, at the beginning of April 1920. 
Organization of the new government was assigned to musavatist M.H.Hajınsky, standing in a neutral position between the new government\'s authority and opposition. However, he showed many attempts but failed to form a new government. Under such conditions, the Russian threat was increased gradually. Already Moscow, the Bolsheviks were taking the concrete measures to overthrow the young of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, to capture Baku.
Finally, at dawn of the morning of April 27, the Bolsheviks\' armed forces began to capture the most important objects within the city of Baku and also in the suburbs. Parts of the XI Red Army entered the territory of Azerbaijan on April 27, 1920, five minute to one of night. They were already in Bilajari station at 9 o’clock of the evening. As there was no other choice the Parliament decided to pass the power to bolsheviks at night of April 27, 1920, with certain terms and conditions.  As noted M.A.Rasulzade he signed own sentence with own hands. Thus, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was collapsed. Azerbaijan again was occupied, now by Russia, Soviet Russia.
Despite failure the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which existed just 23 months was the most memorable, unforgettable stage in the history of Azerbaijan. The Democratic Republic which was the first republic in the history of Azerbaijan, was also the first the first democratic republic in the Muslim and Turkic world. 

[audio]The speech of Mammed Amin Rasulzade, one of the founders of Azerbaijan Republic  on occasion of 35th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.[/audio]

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