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The tragedy of division



Azerbaijan was a victim of division policy for approximately 20 times in the last five hundred years and was forced to live these tragedies. Chronological sequence of these tragedies are as follows:

The south-western region of Azerbaijan Mosul, Kirkuk, Erbil, Suleymaniyya cities passed to the Ottoman Empire during the war that occur between the Safavid state  and the Ottoman Empire and in 1926 were given under the mandate of England as a result of   The Contract of June 5 signed between Turkey and England.

Ganja Beylerbeyi Javad Khan stood against the declaration of  Ziyad oglu Nadiri in  Mugan as a king, Nadir Shah separated Borchali together with Gazakh province from Ganja beylerbeyhood and united to Kartli-Kakheti kingdom and later as a result of Georgiyev Act concluded between Russia and Georgia in 1801, Georgia, as well as Borchali included in Russian territory.

As a result of Gulistan and Turkmenchay Treaties, 140 thousand square meters of Azerbaijani area north to Araz river, including Derbent fell to Russian and south part of Azerbaijan to Persian ego. 

During the year the reform of 1840 as a result of the division of Azerbaijani areas joined to Russia in provinces Derbent, Altiparin, Akhtı, Doqquzparin, Qaytaq and other surrounding regions with 7 thousand square km of area united to province of Dagestan.

In 1837 the western part of Azerbaijan being under the Russian occupation was declared as Armenia country.

In 1906, as a result of separation of Azerbaijan in East and West ostans, the South Azerbaijani lands below of Araz River were divided into  two administrative units as Eastern Azerbaijan  with centre  in Tabriz and West Azerbaijan with centre in Urmia. 

In 1918 the Government of Azerbaijan had adopted a decision in Tbilisi under the pressure of Russia and forced to pass an area with 9 thousand square meters of Yerevan province to Armenians.

In 1920, after occupation of the territory of the Azerbaijan by Russian Empire and putting an end to independence of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic , according to Declaration of 1st December 1920 the Region of Zangezur with 4.505-sq.km of Gafan, Gorus and Sisian were given to Armenia.

In 1920 under the pressure of the Russian Empire part of regions of Ordubad, Shahbuz, Sharur annexed to Armenia.

In 1922, under the pressure of the Russian bolsheviks and with the cunning of Armenian dashnaks the Daralayaz territory was given to the Armenians.

In 1929 - 1930 years as a result of passing of Aldara, Lehvaz, Astazur, Nuvadi, etc. villages to Armenia and creation of Mugru (Meqri) region in this territory Nakhichevan region was separated  from other regions of Azerbaijan.

In 1938 areas around Sadarak and Kerki were given to Armenians.

In 1938 Zanjan and the surrounding villages were separated from Eastern Azerbaijan and declared as a separate province (ostan).

Kurds availing the national freedom movement in South Azerbaijan established an independent Kurdish state in Maragha, Siniqqala, Hamadan, Sanandaj and other areas. After the collapse of the national-liberation movement Kurdish ostan was established in some part of this area.  

In 1952 Gilan and the surrounding villages separated from East Azerbaijan province and turned to Gilan (ostan) province.

 In 1954, the loss of Astara - Astara and villages separated from Eastern Azerbaijan and annexed to Gilan province.

In 1980 under the pressure and insistence of Soviet leadership some part of Kobat and Kilid villages of Ordibad were given to Armenia.

In 1982 under the pressure and insistence of Soviet leadership Kemerli, Aslanbeyli and Qaymaqli villages of Gazakh together with Injadar lowland were given to Armenia.

According to the administrative division of 1984 Azerbaijani lands under the Persian ego were divided into the following administrative areas: East Azerbaijan (67100 sq. km.), West Azerbaijan (43700 sq km.) Gilan, Zanjan, Sanandaj, Hamadan, Tehran, Mazandaran, Kirmansah, Khurramabad, Elam, Ahvaz (169200 sq. km)

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