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About Animations



One of cinema genres - animated film is motion of pictures made either on paper or computer.
The creation of animated films in Azerbaijan begins since the early of 30-es of the twentieth century. In 1933  staff of Azerbaijanfilm” studio carried out preparatory works for making this kind of cinema in advance, and brought materials from Moscow. When they shot documentary films   Lokbatan and The Symphony (directed by B. Pumpyanski) they used technical animation. In Jat instruction film (the artist Basov) animation was used in its entirety. And it was recorded as the first work in making of cartoon films in Azerbaijan. The film was demonstrated on the screens of the Soviet Union until 1938. After release of the film a group of initiators in the studio for the first time decided to make animated film. The theme for the film was taken from Azerbaijani folk tales. A. Papov wrote the script. The scenario called Unluckiness of Abbas was directed by E. Dikaryov. Pictures were painted by G.Khaligov, J. Zeynalov, M. Magomayev and A.Mirzayev. The film operator was G. Yegiazarov. In addition, a little before the start of the Great Patriotic War the preparation was made for shooting the 2nd animated film. It should be sound film Sindbad –the sea traveler. But the beginning of the war suspended the work and it remained uncompleted. It should be noted that, animated pictures were used further in shooting of hundreds of scientific-popular and documentary films. The painters, J. Zeynalov, M. Rafiyev, A. Akhundov, N. Mamedov, B.Aliyev, assembly operator A. Milov took part in the shootings of these films.
In the late 60-es the conditions for shooting of animated films were created in the film-studio. A group of 20 consisting of artists has been created for the shooting of animations. Special courses to learn the secrets of the animation shooting were opened in art studio. In 1968 in “Azerbaijanfilm” studio named after J. Jabbarli a studio for animated films was restored and put into operation. Finally, on February 28, 1969, the shootings of animated film Dwarf-Jirtdan on the motives of folk tale of the same name were completed. Dwarf was the first film shot after the restoration of animation shop of the studio. The film was released on screens in 1969. Thus, by the shooting of Dwarf the 2nd phase in history of animated films in Azerbaijan began.
More than 20 animated films were shot in the animated film department of the film studio during 70-es. In 1970 cartoonists shot three such films. Two of them, Bear and the Mouse (director N. Mammadov) and The Lion and the bull (director A. Akhundov) were microfilms. The second film at that time was included in Caleidoscope-71, the All-Union cinema almanac. Third - Fitna (director A. Akhundov) is a color application film. This film was shot basing on motives of same name tale of great Azerbaijani poet N. Ganjavi, the image processing (artist E. Rzaguliyev) has been solved in the style of miniature art of medieval Azerbaijan. In Pispisa khanum and the Mouse Bey (1974) and Chickens (1980) animated films (director A. Akhundov) a clear original plastic solution is noticeable. In 1971 the animated work Fox is going to the pilgrimage (director N. Mammadov, B. Aliyev) shot on the motives of A.Shaig’s work was one of the interesting works either in respect of workmanship or style. Jackal of jackals puppet film (1972, film director M. Rafiyev) is the first and only wide-screen animation film in Azerbaijan. Work of artist – multiplications was great in the creation of films. Besides A. Akhundov, N. Mamedov, M. Rafiyev  M. Panahi, B. Aliyev, H. Akbarov, F. Guliyev, A. Mammadov had also created animated films in film studio. The theme of the film Why does cloud cry (1973, film director M. Panahi) was taken from the national folklore. Image resolution is based on classical eastern miniature. At VII All-Union Film Festival in 1974, the film was warded with first prize. New adventures of Dwarf” (1973, film director N. Mammadov and B.Aliyev) is designed for little children. 
National folklore fantastic motives and present time was linked organically in this film. In the film The king and servant (1976, film director N. Mammadov) was shot on the basis of the motives of the work of N.Ganjavi. In 80-es 38 animated films were shot in the film–studio. These were My chickens, A man comes in forest, Magic tree, Stack, Naughty rabbit, Trunk, You are such jumbul, Magic kerchief, Aquarium, Dwarf and Ogre, New Year\'s Story, Magical patterns films, which shot by application method. My Chickens animated film shot in early of 80-es (director A. Akhundov) quickly became popular.
Aquarium animated film (the artist-director F. Gurbanova) is a poetic film. The set up shootings were used here. Besides the application characters the live boy also acts in the film. In 1984, in the city of Murmansk (Russia), at II All-Russia competition of a documentary and scientific-popular films about nature conservation and efficient use of its resources, this animated film was awarded by the jury with a diploma of honor and Honor diploma of the RSFSR State Committee for Cinematography. For the first time the half-real puppet was used in film-studio in the film Astrologer’s pupil” (directed by A. Maharramov). In this film, based on folk tales a story is about one young guy that wants to be rich in easy way, as a result of gluttony felled in one of the ridiculous situations.
In April 1990, for the first time in the Soviet Union Azerbaijan cartoon makers shifted to economy lease form. The name of animation work shop was also changed to Azanfilm Creative-Production Association. Azanfilm - means the Azerbaijani animation films. Why no multiplication but animation? Therefore, all over the world the multiplication named as animated cartoon as a kind of cinematography.
In 90-es 19 animated films shot under the label of Azanfilm. Among them: Once, somewhere ... (director V. Talibov), Dedication (directed by Sh. Najafzade), Room (director V. Talibov, R.Ismayılov), Legend of sarkak (director A. Maharramov ), Beautiful Fatma, Caravan (director N. Mammadov), Mirror, Sea voyage, Hope (all directed by E. Akhundov), Sohbat-ul-asmar (director E. Hami), Shaula (T. Piriyev) are interesting and well-groomed works. In 1995, at the third festival-contest the film director was awarded a diploma and a prize for the best animated films of Azerbaijan. Caravan animated film shot on the basis of composer Sultan Hajibeyov\'s famous opera consists of three novels: the first tells about the ancient human habitation in Gobustan. The 2nd novel touched the East and the female theme. The third short story speaks on 20 January and Khojali tragedies.
The most recent success in the production of animated film was animated film in 3D format shot in 2011 with support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism  Little man and Cyclopes.

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