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Representatives of classical philosophy


Ideology and teachings of the classical philosophy of Azerbaijan that appeared and passed a progressive path of development in the Middle Ages were further developed in the XVII century in a syncretic form. Creativity of the scholars of this period distinguished with its universal character, while some of them were prone to the public, and others - to the exact sciences. 
The most prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani classical philosophy of XVII-XVIII centuries were Meliksaid Mohammed oglu, Mohammed Taqi Tufarganli, Mohammed Amin Shirvani and Rajabli Tabrizi. 
Mohammed oglu Meliksaid highly mastered philosophy and science. 
Mohammad Taghi Tufarganli (...- 1622) was a physician. He is the author of the poem about the logic of poetry and treatises on medicine. 
Mohammed Amin Shirvani (...- 1626) – is a philosopher and scientist with an extensive range of knowledge. The creativity of the thinker was multi-faceted encyclopedic in nature. The Science Topics occupies the central part in the works of Muhammad Amin Shirvani. In this work the author describes the essence and gives a classification of sciences, also studying Sharia sciences, literature, intelligence science, padishahs’ behavior rules. At the same time the work includes extensive and credible investigation of being, mind, logic, politics and ethics. 
Mohammed Amin Shirvani divided and classified sciences into: theoretical and practical, philosophical and unphilosophical science. The scientist’s works are kept in Cairo, Leiden, St. Petersburg and Istanbul. 
Yousif Karabakh (...- 1644) – is a scholar, philosopher, representative of the Sufi kubravits order. He is the author of works on the interpretation of the Koran. His work The Seven Behishti (Haft behish) is of particular interest. The work describes the spiritual and physical strength hidden in the man, and contains a description of bodies, desires, dreams, revelations, feelings. Yousif Karabakh’s manuscripts are now being kept in Uzbekistan.
Mirza Shirvani (...- 1686) got recognition in such areas as law, interpretation of hadiths, logic, philosophy, literature, etc. He is the author of treatises on prophecy, primacy and geometry. 
The XVIII century in Azerbaijan witnessed the works and life of such intellectuals engaged in particular the sciences including mathematics, among whom Mohammad Tabrizi, Agha Hussein Tabrizi, Mirza Hasan Zunusi should be mentioned.
This focus of classical philosophy in XVII-XVIII centuries was characteristic for all Eastern nations. 

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