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Fagihi-Mutakallims in Azerbaijan


Although in the Middle Ages the “figh” meant Muslim scholastic no one differed these terminuses. Scholastics, as a rule, hold public management system, addressing both the legal issues. In other words, Mutakallims (from Arab. Mutakallim - speaker - Scholastics) were simultaneously fagihs (lawyers). Mutakallims, representatives of the opposition of orthodox scholastic doctrine, acted illegally. The orthodox scholasticism is asharizm, continues to be bidats” (alien to Islam doctrine) in the first years of the Seljuk Sultan Mohammed Togrulbey in the second half of XI century - during the reign of Alp Aslan had already been adopted in official circles.
Asharizm was more widespread among Muslim theologians, scientists (fagih) who hold a central position between Hanafite (more advanced in the logical sense of being), and Hanbalis differing intolerance of innovation and fanatical strictness in the observance of ritual and law of Sharia. Abu Ishaq Shirazi Firuzabadi (1003-1088), Muhammad Ghazali Abugamid (1059-1111) and Muhammad Razi Fakhraddin (1148-1210) were prominent representatives of this school in the Middle East.

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