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East peripatetism in Azerbaijan


Eastern peripatetism representatives guided by the theory of classification of the sciences of Aristotle, were isolated philosophical views received from its predecessors in two directions - theoretical and practical. In the first direction were classified as metaphysics, science and math, and the second - the ethics, housing issues and policies.
As for logic, then the eastern part of the Peripatetics thought its theoretical and practical part of or included in the theoretical direction of philosophy.
In the Arabic-speaking philosophical literature Metaphysics is expressed by the term at-Madat tabia (Late in nature).
The essence of the eastern peripatetism more clearly and in complete form is revealed in the writings of Ibn Sina and his followers. Metaphysics has an important place in the system peripatetism, so in the Middle Ages in the designation of philosophers to one group or other Eastern Peripatetics described as philosophers of metaphysics. In the writings of philosophers and historians of philosophy, metaphysics, the period considered the science of being. According to the philosophical teachings Bahmanyar, metaphysics - a science whose subject is something common to all things, and it exists as such, it is being. In this sense, the views of the Azerbaijani philosopher consistent philosophical concept of Aristotle. In metaphysics Bahmanyar widely discussed concepts such as being, substance, accidentation, body and form.
East peripatetism puts the term inferior science - science on a par with the term physics used in the philosophical teachings of Aristotle. The main tenets of Aristotle and his followers are the same as mathematical views Abdulhasan Bahmanyar.
Doctrine of being in the eastern peripatetism studied as a science and metaphysics, and epistemology, as logic in the remainder of the natural sciences. 
According to Eastern Peripatetics, to give a logical definition of existence is not possible. Genesis, which is considered the primary basis and beginning of all, there is self-evident concept, and to know it, according to the Eastern Peripatetics, we can only, in terms of its essence.
An Anthology of Eastern peripatetism based on the Neoplatonic theory of emanation, according to which above all there is the ineffable and all downstream stages originate from being. Representatives of the Arabic-speaking peripatetism basically echoed this theory, using her position in his teachings by making minor adjustments to it.
Azerbaijan and Eastern Peripatetics generally noted that the process of learning goes two steps - a sensitive and intellectual. The representatives of this trend in disclosing the nature of these forms of knowledge were based on high academic achievements of the period and in the formulation and solution of the major epistemological problems referred to the writings of Aristotle.
So, the Eastern Peripatetics, including Azerbaijan Peripatetics, who lived in XI-XII centuries, has a positive attitude to the issue of knowledge of the material world. Based their theory of knowledge has played a major role in the fight against scepticism and agnosticism, unfolding in the Middle Ages in the Near and Middle East.

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