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Date of establishment


During Azerbaijan Peoples’ Republic
Draft of State Emblem of Azerbaijan Republic was prepared during activity of   Azerbaijan Peoples’ Republic in 1918-1920 but it was not approved on legislative level.
Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan People Republic had adopted twice a decision in the area of creation of State Emblem and seal. According to 1st decision official organ of the Azerbaijan Peoples\' Republic Azerbaijan newspaper announced in edition dated March 23, 1919 ton preparation of drafts of the national Emblem and seal. By that decision two awards were allocated (Best State Emblem – 1000 rubles and seal – 500 rubles ) for best drafts of Emblem and seal.  Deadline for competition was fixed by 20th of April and this duty was entrusted to Ministry of Post and Telegraph. But that competition was failed and relevant State Emblem was not accepted. Therefore Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Peoples\' Republic again took a decision on Jan 30, 1920 “On preparation of drafts of national anthem, state emblem and military orders”.  According to Government decision, announcement of the competition on preparation of the national anthem, coat of arms and seal was entrusted on Ministry of Education and military orders on Ministry of Defense. Also it had been intended by government decision to allocate means of 50 thousand rubles to competition winner for purposes of creation of the national anthem and 25 thousand rubles for creation of national emblem and seal.     Basing on this decision in Feb 19, 1920 Ministry of Education  had announced a competition for creation of national anthem, coat of arms and seal in the newspaper Azerbaijan (in Russian) (19th of February 1920, No 33). 
According to terms of the competition persons taking part in the competition ought to submit the draft of national anthem, as well as coat of arms and seal to office of the Ministry of Education by May 1, 1920. It was intended to adopt these attributes at the legislation level by the 2nd anniversary of Azerbaijani independence (28th May of 1920). But Russian Bolshevik occupation in April 27, 1920 and overthrowing and decline of Azerbaijan Peoples\' Republic did not allow realization out of these great national ideas. 

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