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The history of Emblem


Creation of modern National Emblem 
Modern National Emblem is a repeated form of the national emblem created during Azerbaijan People Republic with some alterations 
The Supreme Majlis of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic discussed the issue connected with the preparation and approval of the National Emblem of Azerbaijan on November 17, 1990, 70 years after. 
Besides restoration and adoption of tricolor national flag it was decided to announce the competition on adoption of national emblem and national anthem. To settle this matter in complex form the appeal was addressed to former Supreme Soviet of Republic of Azerbaijan. By decision of Supreme Soviet of Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 5, 1991 along with restoration and adoption of the tricolor national flag, the special decision “On announcement of  competition for best National Emblem and of Republic of Azerbaijan” (05.02.1991, № 20-XII) was mad , too. According to that Decision award of 5 thousand manat was allocated for best project of the national emblem and finalizing of the competition was entrusted on Presidium of Supreme Soviet.  Tens of projects of the emblem were presented during the competition of 1991-1992 and those projects and projects prepared during 1919-20 were discussed in Milli Mejlis at early of 1993 and after discussions Milli Mejlis of AR approved the National emblem developed during 1919-20 with some alterations and modifications. 
So, colorful and black and white image of National Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved by Constitutional Law No 460 of Azerbaijan Republic “On the National Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan”  dated Jan 19, 1993 
But rules of usage of the national emblem are regulated by “Regulations on National Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan” approved by Decision No 516 dated Feb 23, 1993 on ”Approval of Regulations” on the National Emblem of Republic of Azerbaijan”. Some amendments and additions were made to that “Regulations” on Jul 2, 2002, Dec 24, 2004 and Mar 3, 2006

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