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”1st lady” concept


The notion of “First Lady” of the country came to the world policy from the USA. Since mid – XIX century, the spouses of American presidents were simply called “First Lady”. Later the notion was spread to the other countries.
It is interesting that the lady first called “The First Lady of the USA” was not the spouse of the President. The USA president James Buchanan in 1857-1861 was single. His niece Harriet Lane accompanied him in the official meetings. As J.Buchanan introduced her as the “First Lady”, the term soon entered the policy of the USA and was used by other presidents of America.
The first ladies are mainly those who actively participate in the social life of the country, as well as protect interstate friendship, humanitarian, and cultural cooperation, international peace, women, and children rights, international values.
The phrase is generally not used for the Prime Minister or Head of Government.
Momine Khatun, Inanc Khanum, Mehrac Khanum, Shah Ismail Khatai’s close friend – Tacli Khanum, and his daughter Perikhan Khanum, Qubali Fatali Khan’s spouse Tutu Bike, Gandja’s khan Javad khan’s spouse Beyim Khatun had the First Lady status in Azerbaijan history.

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