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History of adoption of the Constitution


At the moment of inevitability of disintegration of the USSR on August 31, 1991, The Declaration of restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan Republic was adopted at extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR. Adoption of “The Constitutional Act on state independence of Azerbaijan Republic” on Oct 18, 1991 had strengthened the legal base of the independent statehood of the republic. This Act, which meant the beginning for preparing of the new Constitution, intended the foundation of the state, political and economical system of the republic.
After Azerbaijan gained an independence until acceptance of the new Constitution Articles of “The Constitutional Act on state independence of Azerbaijan Republic”, which were not in contradiction to it, were in force. On Oct 9, 1993 the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On amendments and additions to the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic (Basic Law) has been adopted. This Law had lost its force on Nov 27, 1995. 
Rapid changes taking place in the socio-economic and legal life since restoration of the independence of Azerbaijan, as well as requirements of the Final Conclusions of the Constitution Act dated 1991 made it necessary to adopt a new Constitution in a very short time. Though the commissions were organized in 1991 and 1993 for the purposes of preparing of the new Constitution, but its practical activities had not been fruitful. On May 2, 1995 according to decision of the Milli Mejlis the Commission had been created under the administration of the President.
The bases of the Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan State are defined by   the referendum held on Nov 12, 1995 and by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, being in force since Nov 27, 1995. 

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