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About philanthropy


Philantrophy or charity (messenate)- is scientific, education and other activities that consist of direct disinterested help, or money transfer conducted for public interest by individuals or charity organizations to the individuals that need financial or other support, or to the organizations that directly render such assistance, or to the charity organizations.
Messenate was one of the historic personalities of Etrusk tribes in Rome that were considered to be relatives with ancient Turks by origin. Historic resources show that Messenate, who lived in the I century BC, remained in the memories for his great favours and charities. So, the history of the word “messenate” in our language coincides with that period. At the turn of XX century, many personalities in Azerbaijan formed philantrophy as a great public process, showed priceless services to the nation in a time when Azerbaijan was under Russian occupation and there was no statehood traditions. 

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