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Aliaga Vahid


Aliaga Vahid (1895 - 1965) - poet, singer of ghazals

A.Vahid had exposed the social drawbacks, ignorance, cruelty and injustice in his satirical poems. His 1st book Result of greediness” was published. The poet promoted the love to the Motherland, the hate to enemy, the victory feelings.
Being a successor to the traditions of Fizuli Vahid is outstanding representative of the ghazal genre in Azerbaijani literature. His gazals are distinguished with simplicity of poetic language, and harmony, and occupies an important place in the repertoire of singers. He had translated gazals of Nizami, Fuzuli, Navoi, and others poets into Azerbaijani language.


• Couplets 
• Mullah house( Moslem ecclesiastical school)
• Fighting gazals
• Gazals

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