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Inner city (Old city)

Old City is located in the center of Baku. The area is 22 ha. There are more than 50 historical and architectural monuments of different periods in the Old City. Palace of Shirvan, Maiden Tower, Sinig Tower preserved to this day. 
One of the pearls of Azerbaijan architecture the Palace of Shirvan was built at the beginning of the XV century,and includes the complex, court, courthouse, mausoleum, minaret mosque of the palace, baths, Seyed Yahya Bakuvi’s tomb and later erected the East room. The first buildings of the complex in are related to 1441, and the East to 1558 built by the architect Amirshah.
A unique monument of Azerbaijani architecture the Maiden Tower was erected in the south-eastern part of the Icherisheher and this monument was built in two stages. The lower part of the tower up to 13.7 m height of the monument is considered by many scholars to be built in VII-VI centuries BC. The tower height is 29.7 meters, and 16.5 meters in diameter. The thickness of the walls of the lower part is 5 meters and 4 meters in the upper levels. The tower consists of 8 levels, and there is well in 21 m depth within the water layers of the wells.

Temple of fire

The fire temple Ateshgah is located in the southeastern part of the settlement of Surakhani, 30 km from Baku, at Absheron Peninsula. Ateshgah is fire temple built at the place of gas extraction in XVII-XVIII centuries, the place of eternal unquenchable fires. Construction of the stable, the earliest part of the temple relates to the year 1713 AD, and the central temple-sanctuary was built for funds of merchant Kanjanaqara in 1810.

Mardakan tower

There are two ancient fortresses city in Mardakan. One of them was built in the XII century by son of Shirvanshah Manuchehr  Akhistan is of four-cornered shape and the castle was built in honor the brilliant victory over the enemy. The tower height is 22 meters; thickness from below is 2.10 meters, from above - 1.60 meters. It is divided inside for 5 levels, too.
2nd tower is circular and called Shykh Tower by local peoples. The tower height is 12.5 meters, inside consists of 3 levels. From inscriptions on the tower, it becomes clear that it was built by architect Abdulmajid Masud oglu in 1232.

Ramana Tower

It is a tower in Ramana village of Baku, related to XVI century. The tower height is 15 meters. The exact date of construction of the tower which was built of white stone, is unknown. Perhaps, it was in defense purposes and was used as a castle in the period of the State of Shirvanshah.

Nardaran Tower

It is round tower white stone tower built in Nardaran in the 14th century. The height of the tower, architect of which was Mahmud Sadi oglu, is 12.5 meters. It is clear from the inscription on the tower that it was built in 1301. 

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