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Agstafa city


The distance up to Baku: 461 km
Means of transport: Baku – Agstafa buses - 10 hours, Baku - Kazakh, Baku – Agstafa, Baku - Tbilisi trains - 11 hours.
There are numerous archaeological and historical monuments in the region. Among them, monuments of world importance like Toyratapa human settlement of the Bronze Age in the village of Ashagi Goyjali, and Chobandashly settlement in the village of Dagh Kesemen of the end of Bronze Age – early of Iron Age.  
Such monuments are found in other parts of the region. Molla Nagi hil near the village of Kojasgar (Stone Age), Durnatapa, Boyuktapa, Shish Quzeyi Pir of Bronze and Iron ages and  Haji Dagh Piri of medieval,  Jantapa, Yastıtapa ancient dwelling places  located near the city of Agstafa  of the Bronze and Iron periods, Tatly, Yukhari Goyjali, Hasansu, Ashagy Goychali villages also should be noted.
Earrings, necklaces, safes, vases, various household items found during archaeological excavations in this area, stored in the local museum of folklore. Architectural monuments are of special interest: a tower of the XVII century, mosques of XIX century in the village of Qiraq Kasaman, mosques of XIX century in Kolkhalfali, Qarahasan, Dagh Kasaman and etc villages.
There are 2 hotels in Agstafa for accommodation of tourists.

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