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Tovuz city


The distance up to Baku: 439 km
Means of transport: Baku - Tovuz bus; Ganja – Aghstafa, Baku - Kazakh, Baku – Agstafa, Baku - Tbilisi trains 
According to the ancient Turkish sources, the name of the town was taken from Oguz, Toguz Turkic-speaking tribes.
There are historical monuments like bridge, mosques and mausoleums of XVII century in the Yanıkhlı village of Tovuz region, bridge on Tovuz River built in the X century, the ruins of a caravanserai in the city of Tovuz, Koroglu tower in the village of Alibayli of VII century, octahedral mausoleum in the Qazqulu village, etc. 

Oxunub: 164320