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The distance up to Baku: 375 km
Means of transport: - Baku - Ganja (by plane),  Baku-Tbilisi, Baku-Agstafa trains, Baku-Ganja bus
Ganja is Azerbaijan\'s second city, which is considered the largest center of the western Azerbaijan with its monuments of the ancient culture, industry.  
It is land of great Nizami, poet Mahsati, poet Mirza Shafi Vazeh, and there are a lot of ancient cultural, architectural monuments in the city of Ganja. One of them is Juma mosque. Mausoleum of Sheikh Ibrahim also preserved its original beauty.
There are several more ancient mosques in the city: Gizilhajili mosque, Ozan, Balabagbanlı, Sherefkhanly, Shahseven and other mosques.
6 km east of the center of Ganja the ruins of the ancient Ganja city can be found. The city’s history museum and the academy museum tell about the path of historical development of the Ganja.
There are hotels for lodging of tourists in Ganja.

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