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Means of transport: by plane and bus Nakhichevan - Sharur route
There are many archaeological monuments in the territory of Sharur. During excavations in 1987 - 1999 stone tools made by primitive people in Mustye age were found. It was proved that the oldest human settlement on were existed on the banks of Arpachay and Araz rivers at the Bronze Age. As an example of architectural monuments survived, the bridge over Arpachay built in the Middle Ages, the mausoleum of Garabaghlar (XII - XIII centuries), Gosha minaret (XIV century), Quta Khatun tomb, the mosque of the Middle Ages, sanctuary and caravanserai can be shown.
There are two parks, stadiums, museums, mosques, Martyrs Memorial, cinemas and 2 restaurants in Sharur city.

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