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The distance up to Baku: 238 km
Means of transport: Baku – Lankaran buses - 6 hours, Baku - Astara train - 9 hours
Lankaran is covered all year-round with green.
There is a rich flora and fauna of the region. Relict and endemic trees grown at  
Talysh mountains are well-known around the world. Lankaran land is rich in hot water springs. There are two reserves in the territory of Lankaran region: Hirkan and Gyzylagaj reserves.
There are many historical monuments in region. In Yuklhary Nuvadi village ancient tower Abirlar, in the village Shikhkaran tomb of Sheikh Zahed, Kichik Qala mosque in Lankaran city, Guldasta minaret, Haji Mirza bath, House of Khan with clear decoration on façade and etc historical monuments were preserved here. There are ruins of Ballabur castle to the west of the city.
There are hotels and motels in the city to accommodate tourists.

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