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Shamakhy city


align=The distance up to Baku - 135 km
Means of transport: Baku - Shamakhi bus
Shamakhi is considered a the center of Shirvan. The city was main city of the Shirvanshahs feudal state in VI century.
There are many toponims in Shamakhi about interesting events that took place in ancient times in the territory region. For example, the cave near the village Malham was once famous for its healing properties.
Shamakhi occupies a special place among the ancient cities of Azerbaijan. Natural conditions of the Shamakhy lands since very ancient times have attracted the people. The specific nature of this region, mild climate, mineral springs give it a special beauty. Here, weather is neither very frosty, nor very hot. A the areas of highest mountains oak, beech and hornbeam forests, green meadows and bushes creates the amazing scene here from spring to autumn. More than 50 herbal plants grow in the area of Shamakhi.
The nature of the richest forests here are very convenient for living animals and birds. Gazelles,  wild boars, bears and wild cats are dominant in fauna of Shemakhi. In mountainous area in summer, it is a little warm, and in winter a mild climate is observed here. 40-80 days in a year snows. Average thickness of snow is 30-50 cm.

The area in the summer and winter attracts fans of tourism and recreation. Babadagh peak loved by mountaineers is in the territory of Shamakhi region. Garachay, Valavlachay and Girdmancay takes its source from Babadagh
12 km north-east of Shamakhi city , at height of 1400 meters above sea level, at village of Pirgulu astrophysical observatory named after Nasreddin Tusi has been operating. In order to protect the beautiful nature of these region Pirgulu reserve has been established with an area of
​​1521 hectares.  
Shamakhi region is rich in nature, and also has an ancient history. The history of Shamakhi is represented by numerous archeological and architectural monuments  Gosha minarets Juma Mosque (743 years), Shahikahndan mausoleum (XV century), Mausoleum of Pirmardakan (XIII-XIV centuries), Gulistan fortress (XI-XII century), ruins, etc. complexes is of great interest. Hotels, restaurants and tourist centers operate in the region

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