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The distance up to Baku: 313 km
Means of transport: Baku - Astara bus, Baku - Astara train
Part of the territory of one of the most picturesque regions of Azerbaijan Astara is covered by the Talysh Mountains, and part is lowlands. In 1886, French artist Alberto Pepin had described the Talysh Mountains, local residents and their life, culture, customs and traditions, dresses, as well as beautiful view of the region in his works.
More than 400 historical monuments remained intact in the region. Most of them are in the mountain villages. There is so-called Babak Tower in Shindan village, a tower in the village of Nidus, mausoleum in the village Sahagaj of XII century, and mosques of Haji Ali and Haji Jahanbakhıs Pensar in the village, Mashadi Abutalib bath, bath of Hamid Abdulla Kerbalayi in Arkivan village. Caravanserai of VII century in Qapichi village, necropolis of III-I century BC, ancient castle ruins, mausoleums, sculptures of Bronze and Stone Ages are found here.
Coins and stone tools found in the region are kept in the Museum of Ethnography. Human statue hewn from stone with age of more than 2000 years is of special interest.
There are hotels in the city to lodge tourists.

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