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Means of transport: by plane and bus on Nakhichevan - Shahbuz route
Ancient human settlements were found near the city of Shahbuz. Unordinary residential area engraved in the wall consists of 4 rooms and a balcony. Shahbuz residents call it as Farhad’s house. This name is connected with the well-known hero of Nizami\'s poem, the lover, the avatar who dug a channel to bring the water from the rocky mountains, Farhad. In other place, archaeologists found ruins of the magnificent building named after the governor of that place,  Shahpur Tower.
1400 m above sea level, the recreation zone Badamli is located. There are famous mausoleum buildings at the edge of Garabaghlar village located at the foot of Zangezur Mountain. Tower citadels, diversified water pipeline system from the mountains shows that there was a big town in the area.
Garabaghlar city was existed in XVII century in this area.

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