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The distance up to Baku: 104 km
Transport: Baku-Guba bus
Among the mountain regions of Azerbaijan, the closest to Baku is Khizi. One of the most expressive monuments created by nature in the Khizi region is Beshbarmaq rock. There is rock on the ancient caravan route in the form of extended frightful hand. The calling of this mountain as  Beshbarmag» is connected with it. There are many legends and legends on this mountain. Among rocks in the peak of the mountain one can see Khıdırzinda (Immortal Khidir) sanctuary.
One of the most picturesque corners of Azerbaijan Altiagaj is also located in Khizi. During Shirvanshahs camel road leading from Shamakhy to Guba was paved here. There are many historical monuments in the region. There is Beshbarmag tower erected in the middle of the VIII century 
8 km away from center of the region recreational areas are located.

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