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Sheki city


The distance up to Baku: 305 km
Means of transport: Baku-Sheki buses Baku-Balakan train
Sheki is one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. This city is supposed to be 2500-2600 years old. The name of the city was taken from saki tribes once lived in these places.
Sheki is most known with its silk.
Presence of numerous archaeological monuments in the territory of Shaki is the evidence of its centuries-old history. Dashuz and Juyurlu kurgans, Yonjalı necropolis (II century BC), Qutur hill ancient abode, Salman valleys (the Bronze period), Dahna village tower, etc.
Sheki region is called the architectural reserve of the republic. Palace of Sheki khans (in 1762), is an example which represents a unique combination of folk architecture and traditional architecture of the palace.  4 km north of Sheki, on the west bank of the river Kish, at the peck of Qaratapə mountain there are ruins of “Gelersen – Gorersen” castle.
A number of types of folk art still is practiced in Sheki today. The streets bearing the names of professions are still kept: Duluschular, Zargarlar, Halvachılar etc. Sheki has a unique and rich cuisine.
Sheki is also called as the city of humor. Every year on April 1 Humor Day is celebrated in the city. 
Tourists can spend night in “Sheki-Caravanserai and other hotels.

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