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Ordubad city


Means of transport: by plane and bus on the  Nakhichevan - Ordubad route
Ordubad has a beautiful nature, rich flora and fauna.  This region is famous with its pure air, a rare medicinal plants and aromatic fruits. Ordubad peach, pear, apricot, grapes are famous for being very juicy and sweet. 
There are many historical monuments preserved in the territory of Ordubad region. Stone sculptures of rams in Aza, Der, Nasirvaz villages of the Bronze Age, the remains of human settlements in Sabir village existed before II-I centuries BC,  ruins of the ancient city of Gilan  near the village Aza,  building of a mosque in Aylis, Vanand, Ustupu, Nus-Nus, Duylun villages of the XVIII century; five-arched bridge, built in the XVII century; In Khanaga village sacred place - pir of XVII century, etc. There are a lot of rocky petrographics on Gamigaya Mountain located 60 km south of the city of Ordubad. They are works of art of III-II millennium BC.  
According to its importance Ordubad is the second important city of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan.
It is possible to rent private apartments or to stay in a hotel in the city.   

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