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The distance up to Baku: 444 km
Means of transport: Shamkir - Gadabay, Ganja - Gadabay, Baku - Gadabay bus - 10 hours
In the territory of the region there are famous Qyzylja sanctuary, and 4 natural monument - Qovdu, Godakdara, Qamysh and Shamlyq forest areas. There are waterfall near the Kechidara ravine,  Jarja, Juyur and Ayıbulaqlar, and as well as Jaldas, Qyzylja, Narzan  mineral water springs.
The monuments on the territory of the Gadabay region is part of culture Gadabay- Khojaly enter in the history of Azerbaijan.
There are embroidery, carpet weaving, wood and metal engraving professions, which were preserved among people.
Those who prefer a romantic trip there is the pedestrian routes: the Gadabay - Qızılqala Forest-Namardqala (13 km), Gadabay - Soyudlu village (5 km), Gadabay-Maarif village-Slavyanka village (10 km).
There is a hotel in the region. 

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