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Means of transport: by plane and bus on Nakhichevan-Julfa route 
Julfa region is located to the east of the town of Nakhichevan. A little west of Julfa, on the bank of the Araz River the ruins of the XIII century caravanserai remained. The caravanserai with length of 37 meters is the biggest one of registered caravanserais in Azerbaijani territory. The remains of a caravanserai near the bridge of the XIV century draw the attention. This bridge was built at the beginning of the XIV century by the ruler of Nakhichevan Hakim Ziyaaddin. Gulistan mausoleum  located in small green valley neat the Juqa village relates to XIII century. In the plain near the Der village the ruins of three small mausoleums still exist. In one of these tombs although the central one with tower (XV century) was seriously damaged, but still reached our time. From other monuments Alinjagala  (XII-XIII centuries) in the village of Khanaga,  the Alindjachay khanagah  (XII-XIII centuries), bridge in Gazanchi village(1551), bath (XVII century), mosque (XIX century) can be shown.
The same name source of mineral water exists in the north-east of Julfa at the south slopes of Daridagh. 500,000 liters of mineral waters with mineral salts extracted daily here. In general, there are more than 40 springs in Julfa.  

Following function in Julfa:
Araz hotel;
Araz restaurant
Gulistan restaurant
 Eldar cafe

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