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The distance up to Baku - 103 km
Means of transport: Baku - Siyazan bus, Baku - Rostov, Baku - Moscow, Baku - Yalama trains - 3 hours
There are also sulfur water springs useful for the organism in the region.
Siyazan has a rich history. In the past, there was a majestic wall like Great China Wall. The walls starring from the edge of sea passed through all the coastal plains and extended till the Chiraggala fortification. Once being a giant building, presently it has only some towers, including Chiraggala (V century). Near the village of Zarat there are ruins of so-called Khızırzinda Baba Beshbarmag” fortification. In addition, there are Sheikh Heydar Tomb erected in the XV century near the village Shikhlar and the tomb of Pir Khalil of XVIII century.
Carpet weaving, wood carving, ornament embellishment, musical instruments, metal products, folk arts are well developed in the region.

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