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Gobustan region


The distance up to Baku: 101 km
Area: 1369.4 km2
Population: 37,137
Transport: Baku-Gobustan bus
Gobustan is one of the regions of the historical province of Azerbaijan - Shirvan. Its first name was Duvannı. Duvannı station was established in 1893-1994. In 1901-1905 for the first time the oil was sent abroad from Duvannı station.
The settlement was organized in 1951 as an urban-type settlement. Duvannı’s name was changed in 1972 to Gobustan. The area of present day Gobustan was inhabited by ancient people. Descriptions of rock samples that are currently protected in Gobustan State Reserve are proofs of that. As a result of archaeological investigations it has been identified that the rock pictures relate to the second millennium BC - Stone Age.
It is possible to rent houses to spend the night in Qobustan.

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