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Kazakh city


The distance up to Baku: 470 km
Area: 699 km2
Population: 82500 people
Means of transport: Baku - Kazakh bus, Baku - Kazakh train
Kazakh region is located in the western part of the Azerbaijan. Kur, Agstafachay, Khramchay Chogaz rivers flow through this region. In January the average temperature varies from 0 to +5 C and in July from +20 C to +30 C. Plain beginning from the slopes of the mountain covered with alpine meadows. It is Altuntakht pasture. Behind the pasture blue-colored Inja valley is located.  In the other side of the valley Garagoyunlu mountain rises. Along the river tugay forests stretch.
There are many ancient architectural monuments in Kazakh region: the temple in the village of Yukhari Askipara (V-VIII centuries), Shakarqala temple (XV century), a round tower in the village Giraq Kasamanli (XVIII century), the Kazakh city mosque, mausoleums group in Poylu village of XIX century, Qatir Bridge, Gizilhajili bridge, Kazim bridge (all of XV century), Red bridge or Siniq bridge built over Khramchay (XII century).
Among the interesting places in the territory of the region the caves on Avey Mountain near the village of Salahli deserves special attention. Archeologists had found here ancient habitations, tools and weapons. 
The administrative center of the region Kazakh city is one of the big cities of Azerbaijan located in the west. Kazakh is a homeland of a number of talented poets, scientists, ashugs. From poets Molla Panah Vagif, Molla Vali Vidadi, Samad Vurgun, writer Mehdi Hussein and others were born in this land.
Kazakh is one of the carpet-weaving centers. This traditional folk art is still continuing by many residents of the region. 
Kazakh ashugs are famous in entire Azerbaijan .
There is a recreation center and hotel in the city.

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