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Records of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis



There are records about  Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis in the famous Guinness book of records, which summarizes the high results performed by people in the in the world or recorded in the nature.  Here we bring those records to your attention:
1. On October 28, 1995 300 peoples were died and 400 injured at result of fire in subway train between the stations Ulduz and Narimanov. This accident was recorded in the Guinness Book of records as the most terrible subway accident.
2. Fakhraddin Veliyev , born in Jabrayil  regionand currently living in Belgium, is the first Azerbaijani whose name entered in 2004 in the Guinness Book of records. He has achieved this honor by drawing the silhouette of 20 peoples just for 5 minutes.
3. Resident of Ashagi Nuvadi village of Lankaran region 7-year-old  Alasgar Rahim  oglu Hasanzade is the youngest winner, whose name was entered in the  Guinness Book of records. He could lower and lift the body by resting upon fingers without touching the floor with own breast for 3 thousand times during 1 hour 45 minutes.
4. Guinness world records organization confirmed on May 29, 2010 that the pole of state flag of Azerbaijan is the highest in the world. The flag’s width is 35 meters, length is 70 m, and the total area is 2450 square meters, approximately with 350 kilograms of weight.
5. South Azerbaijani Hussein Rezazada had been entered in the Guinness book of records as the planet’s strongest wrestler –pahlivan. Lifting 263 kilogram of weight on head our compatriot had renewed his record with 263.5 kg in 2004. 
6. Azerbaijani resident of Georgia has broken a world record on number of metallic spoons by holding on body at the same time with the help of magnetic force. He repeated his record in Italy and at the same could hold 50 spoons on body.

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