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The military art of Azerbaijan



Azerbaijan wrote his name in the military history of the world with many military commanders, warlords.
In general, the history of military art of Azerbaijan is very old. The head of Girdman state Javanshir was distinguished also with military skills. Between 816-837 our well-known warlord Babek had defeated 6 armies of Arab invaders. These victories were possible just because of strategy realized by him as a military leader. Our rulers and warlords like Shamsaddin Eldaniz in early Middle Ages, his son Muhammad Jahan Pahlavan, Kara Yusuf, Uzun Hasan won the battles thanks to special military tactics realized by them. The founder of the Safavides Shah Ismail Khatai within 14 years could capture 14 regions with less force.
Certain Azerbaijani military men participated at some wars and conflicts either in XIX or XX century were distinguished with some tactics and specific military strategies
The general from the Bakikhanovs in Baku, the  Shikhlinski and the Vekilovs in Gazakh, the Javanshirs in Garabakh, Kengerli in Nakhchivan, Javadkhans in Gyanja and from other regions spread all over the world glory-glory of Azerbaijani people.
We provide you with information on the life and military services of those military men.

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