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Azerbaijani legion



Azerbaijani legions had an important part in struggling for national independence of Azerbaijan. 
The first Azerbaijani legion was created with name of Caucasian Moslem legion in the 1941 and in 1942 its name has been changed to Azerbaijani legion. Initially consisted of migrant (from Azerbaijan) later Azerbaijani prisoners were also joined it, too. Migrant Musavatist like Khalil Khasmammadov, Mammad Amin Rasulzade, Shafi Rustambeyli, Naghi Sheikhzamanly, Fuad Amirjan and others had a great contribution to creation of this legion. The legion had published weekly Azerbaijan” newspaper under the editorship of former major of the Red Army Majid Karsalan, too. Mainly information written in the spirit of national conscience and national patriotism was published in the newspaper. 


“Communication (Irtibat) teams” (Contact headquarters in German Ferbindungstab) were created in the national legions, which carried out communication works related to limited and certain works. Azerbaijani “Communication team” was led by Abdulrahman bey Fatalibeyli-Dudanginski, the head of Azerbaijani legion, editor in chief of Azerbaijani edition of “Radio Liberty” of the USA. 
“Irtibat team” -Ferbindungstab had military, civil and diplomatic departments. Military department was headed by A. Dudanginski, civil dept by F.Amirjan and diplomatic field by A.Atamalibeyov.
In 1944 Azerbaijani legion has been turned to united headquarter of Azerbaijan national liberation army.
Azerbaijani legion was consisted of 2 regiments, 20 battalions and other groups. 4.500 Azerbaijanians in 5 battalions fought just in Caucasian front . They have always differed from all legions with their valour and resoluteness. For instance, battalions of Aslan, Bergman, Donmek battalions compared to all other foreign units were distinguished with awarding of more soldiers for various services in battles. 
Azerbaijani legions as a whole consisted of 38 thousand Azerbaijani soldiers and officers. 
Main camps of Azerbaijani legions were located basically in the territory of Poland and Germany. But later legion has been moved to the city of Rodes in the south of France from Polish Rodom station. In 1944 the Paris branch of “Irtibat team” - Ferbindungstab was established thanks to activity of Azerbaijani legionaries A.Fatalibeyli, I.Israfilov, R.Babayev, T.Mammad and A.Gazıyev. Paris branch included Nushibey Zulgadarov, Rza Taghiyev and Alibey Hajınski. In 1944, after liberation of Paris from Germans the Paris branch was liquidated.  One unit of Azerbaijani legion was destroyed, one unit surrendered to the British-American troops.

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