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Javad bey Melikyeqanov


Javad bey Melikyeqanov (1878-1942)

Javad bey Melikyeqanov was Lieutenant-Governor of the city of Lankaran. He was one of the outstanding statesmen of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, one of the founders of the Organization of Trade Unions of the republic, Member of Parliament, a founder of the Muslim workers trade union. He is from descendants of Garabagh beys.
Javad bey Rza bey oglu was born in Tug village of Shusha district. He got the primary education at a well-known educator and historian Mir Mehdi Khazanininev’s school, then graduated from technical school. He knew Russian, Persian, German, Georgian, Armenian languages. He was a member of the Transcaucasian Seim’s Muslim faction, an on May 28, 1918 as a member of the National Council of Azerbaijan he signed the Declaration of Independence of Azerbaijan, and became one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Javad bey Melikyeqanov was appointed in 1919 as Lankaran’s General-Governor, struggled against Denikin. On August 15, 1919, as the representatives of the government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Melikyeqanov and T. Mammadov   have signed Reconciliation terms on the recognition by Mughan the Azerbaijani authorities, declared martial law all over the country, played an important role in subjugation of Lankaran and Mugan to Azerbaijani authorities. Melikyeqanov was one of the organizers of the Turkic Workers Conference, and worked as the chairman of the Central Trade Union. He was arrested on May 11, 1920, and was released on July 19 as indictment was not proofed, and then re-arrested and released on January 21, 1921. After April occupation in general, he has been arrested 6 times. During Soviets he worked at Building trust, in the labor market. He was the head of Republican People\'s Commissariat for Refugees, during 1927- 28, worked as Head of the Department in the sale of oil products, headed the economic dept of Baku Industrial College named after N. Narimanov. He was arrested on charges of the Secret of Musavat Party member in 1931, was sent into exile for 10 years to the far north. Melikyeqanov died in exile in 1942. In February, 1959 he was rehabilitated by the Supreme Court of the Karelian ASSR.

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