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Red Book of Azerbaijan



Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan is an official state document about the status of rare and endangered wild animals and wild plant species in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It reflects the information on condition of the animal and plant species, its spreading and protection measures on the whole territory of the republic, including the Caspian Sea (lake) sector belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The current Red Book consists of 6 parts, which reflects the information on rare and endangered 14 mammal species, 36 bird species, 5 species of fish, 13 amphibians, and reptile species, 40 insect species and 140 plant species.
The flora and fauna species have been included in 2 categories in Red Book: rare species and endangered species.
The first category includes the species with reduced number and narrowed habitat as a result of the influence of a negative factors (to be perished and the destruction of habitat) and significantly declined in a number and reached a crisis level. Species with a tendency to decrease in a number and met in small areas are related to rare species. But animal and plant species less studied, having a scanty information on the number and stocks in nature, causing some difficulties in the work of the organization of their protection are considered as rare species. 
According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan it is expected that Red Book will be published in each 10 years. The first edition of Red Book was published in 1989.
The rare plants and animals included in Red Book” of the Republic of Azerbaijan are as follows:

Plants in the Red Book
Hirkan box tree
Iron tree
Chestnut leave oak
Hirkan fig
Hirkan pear (Pyrus hyrcana)
Caspian plume
Ikak acacia
The Caucasian palm
Heart shape leave alder
Danaya branched
Hirkan bigavar
Eldar pine
Caucasian rhododendron
Shepherd bindweed
Laqodekh (achichichek )bitterflower
Clean kladokheta
Eastern Plane
Caucasian khadijagulu
Velvet Guilder rose
Nakhichevani gavan
Araz oak
The Caucasian saffron
Water lily
The Caucasian iron tree 

Animals in the Red Book
Talysh pheasant
Hirkan blue tit
Black stork
Curly tail pelican
Marble poult
White tail Sea Eagle
Grave Eagle 
Golden eagle
Trout fish
Kopgar (qaranaja)
Caucasian tetra
Caucasian ular
Desert Eagle
Juniper agyriyli
Eagle taking sheep
Pink pelican
Little bustard
Sultan hen
Scaper beak (ersindimdik)
Red breast goose 
Small swan
Pit nose jullut (Cokekburun jullut)
White tail pit nose (agquyruq cokekburun)
Field fork shaped tail jullut
Turan tiger 
Wild cat 
Asia leopard 
Caucasian mountain sheep
Caucasian bezoar goat
Caucasian brown bear
Striped hyena
Manul cat
Ordinary uzunqanad
South horseshoe nosed
Wide ear fold lip (enliqulaq bukukdodaq)
Dressed safsar
Syria garlic frog
Ordinary triton
Comb triton
Ordinary (gray) dry frog
Asia Minor adder
Eskilon snake
Caucasian talkha
Mediterranean sea turtle
Slumdog pangolin 
Golden mabuya
Lane naked eye( chylpaqgoz)
Caucasian takir round head 
White Crane
Sheep taking eagle (toglugoturen)
River black bird
Fine beak curlew (hook-beaked)
Snake eater
The Caspian donkey
Turkistan tuvik
Qaraqarın bagrıqara
White neck nightingale
Desert snow bird
Mountain goat

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