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About the State reserves


The reserve is specially protected natural areas to protect the existing natural complexes, to study the natural processes of natural movement. Reserves are areas (area of water) protected by the state having scientific, cultural and exceptional importance for agriculture. 
Reserves are one of the best forms of protection of nature. Here, the characteric different landscapes, natural areas, eradicated plant and animal species, which found rarely, as well as natural complexes and their components, caves, waterfalls, glaciers, etc being at risk of disappearance, are protected. Geological exploration work, plowing,  livestock pastures, tourism, hunting, fishing, wood cutting, destroying crops, in general, the use of natural resources and to break their natural condition is prohibited in the protected areas.
At present, there are the 15 state nature preserve in Azerbaijan.
The first Reserve of Azerbaijan, Goy-Gol State Natural Reserve has been operating since 1925. Following this, in 1929 Glzllagaj and Zagatala reserves, in 1936 Hirkan Reserve was established. In general in 1958, 4 reserves were functioning here. Since 1958 the new reserves were organized till 1990. Thus, the Altiagac State Nature Reserve was established in 1990. In 2003, Shahbuz reserve in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan, the Eldar pine-tree reserve in 2004,  in 2007 Group of the mud volcanoes in Baku and Absheron Peninsula, Korchay State Natural Reserve was founded in 2008. At the same time in 2003 the areas of Turyanchay, Pirgulu, Ilisu, Garayazi, Ismayilli, and in 2008 of Zagatala state natural reserves  were expanded. 

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