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Ilisu State Nature Reserve


Ilisu State Reserve was established in 1987. It is located in the southern slope of the Great Caucasus (Gakh region), between Zagalata and Ismayilli reserves located at a height of 700-2100 meters.
The purpose of the creation of the reserve is better preservation and restoration of the natural complex, to protect rare and endangered plant and animals, etc. 
There are a lot of medicinal, endemic, rare and endangered plant species in Ilisu reserve. Eastern beech, the Caucasian hornbeam, eastern oak, birch of Litvinov, Trautvetter birch, bird pear, wild boar, roe, etc. plants are spread. Name of garachohre, birch of Radde was included in Red book.
35 species of 5 groups of mammals live in the territory of the reserve. They consist of hoofed animals (noble deer, roe deer, chamois, billy goat, wild boar), predators (brown bears, wolves, foxes, stone and wood squirrels,  badger, raccoon, wild cat, lynx), rodents (rabbit, rats, etc.), insect eaters (agdis, qonurdis, hedgehog,) etc.
90 species from 11 groups of birds were spread here and from them 60 species belong to the sparrow types.
12 species of reptiles live in the area. From them 7 are lizards, 3 talkha, 1 snakes, 1 grass snakes.
Forel fish live in the rivers of the reserve. From other fishes eastern qısovchu , Kura shirbiy, and Kur khramulya inhabit only at lower edges of Kurmukhchay.
From amphibians 5 (forgs) species are spread here.

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