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Garagol State Nature Reserve


Garagol State Nature Reserve was established on October 17, 1987, by the decision of the directive bodies of Azerbaijan and Armenia Republics and was declared as interrepublic State Reserve. The area of reserve is 240 hectares.
The reserve is located in the southern part of the Garabagh volcanic plateau, at the slope of Ishigly mountain plateau (3552m) at a height of 2650-2700 meters.
Environmental conditions and specific characteristics of the water of the lake have resulted in a minor number of lively worlds of this region. At the same time animal planktons and at the bottom qammarus are met in the lake water.
Ishiqly Garagol and its surrounding area had been historically lands of Azerbaijan. However, our nasty neighbors, the Armenians had seized it. At the present time in connection with the occupation of Garagol reserve the current political and national conflict between two republics has a negative impact on the status of the reserve.

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