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Eldarshamı State Nature Reserve


Eldar pine-tree State Nature Reserve was established in 2004, in Samukh region. The purpose of creation of the reserve is to protect unique natural complexes and objects (juniper, gum-tree, etc.) in the native land of Eldar pine tree in the natural condition of the Ellaroyugu.
At present, Eldar pine-tree reserve area is 1686 hectares. Here, the forests consists of mainly Eldar pine-tree, juniper, gum tree, murdarja, doqquzdon, pomegranate, ephedra, barberry, garagan, rabbit\'s apple,  qaratikan like trees and bushes. Eldar pine trees has age of 100-120 years, height 2-6 m, diameter is 10-28 cm. Its name was included in the “Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The fauna is not rich here. Animals, which is dominated is rabbit, birds, and partridge.

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